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the storyline

it was in 1892 when the first (and last) bike race from vienna to trieste took place. exactly a few and some more years later we follow the trails of this ride. essentially.

the 2019 version tries to avoid busy and boring streets in favor of more scenic and relaxed roads whenever easily possible. paved ones, of course! it's a roadbike adventure.

we define this ride as a social ride. we think that shared joy at least doubles the riding pleasure. so in 2019 there will be not one winner in the end, but many winners!
namely all those who manage to master the 550k within the time limit of three days and two nights. 60 hours to be precise. still a challenge but with enough time to stop, eat, sleep and have fun all along the way.

so for sleep deprived non-stop extreme riders of the sufferfest league! sorry! or better: why not try something different!?

this ride is for cyclists who are willing to push the borders of their personal comfort zone together with others. without necessarily having to become this effort uncomfortable.

in the end it's simple. we call this kind of joyful epic cycling: epyc!

the basic chronology

the ride starts on 6:30 am on sep 19, 2019 in vienna.

the ride ends on 4 pm on sep 21, 2019 in trieste with an epyc after ride party.

the transfer back to vienna via ljubljana and graz happens on sep 22. also 2019! (see below)

within this time frame every cyclist is free to schedule her or his ride individually. 

all we know so far is, that some riders prefer a two-stop three-stages strategy with graz and ljubljana as overnight-cities. or let's call it the officially recommended version!

from these two cities there will be group starts. 

character of the ride

epyc#1 is a self-supported roadbike ride.

there is no technical support along the way. 
and there are also no accompanying vehicles allowed.

each and every cyclist is responsible for her or his own equipment, meals, beds, friends and not to forget his physical and mental constitution.

we recommend experience in riding 100k+ rides and fixing small technicals like punctures etc.

we also suggest not to ride alone. fun wise!


after the end


the bus will start in trieste at 10 am.
estimated time of arrival in graz is about 2 pm.
in vienna two and a half hours later.