roadbike adventure

epyc#1 viennagrazljubljanatrieste

550k and 3 countries

sep 19-22, 2019

return bus to graz/vienna

departure sunday, september 22, 10 am

and this is...our epyc#1 limited edition jersey

test ride impressions

the famous tromostovje in ljubljana 

just before planina somewhere behind vhrnika

roadpoetry for the advanced connaisseur in the postojna region

to the sea, to the sea...

in almost perfect alignment

approaching trieste

the ancient lighthouse in trieste

finally! with a view.

a kind of end

see you next time!

the real end!


by the way

as we have not found a poster from the original 1892 race, we take this as the poetic intro.
our ride and the original race are mainly following the legendary „südbahn" railway route.

let's start!

 vienna-inzersdorf! definitely not the most attractive part of the city. but it was around here where the original bikerace from vienna to trieste was started in 1892. in september by the way! although the wiesbauer company is maybe the biggest sponsor of roadbike races in austria these days, we want to point out that they are not sponsoring us!
maybe because we are a ride and not a race! and maybe we haven't even asked.
it's just a simple coincidence that this factory is located directly on our way to trieste at the  point where vienna ends and the adventure begins!
(sorry for this long but maybe necessary intro!)

straight after vienna

early high point

landmark in kindberg

the direction fits

should be graz (sponsored by ride around graz)

bridge over quiet water in maribor


  picturesque villa outside maribor

last stop before celje

OMG! krofje attack in trojane!